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My fathers Alzheimers disease was getting progressively worse and unfortunately his doctor was running out of options. When he suggested medical marijuana I was rather shocked but willing to try anything to get my dad back from this disease. I began to research online the process getting your medical marijuana card in Washington and came across this site. It made the whole process very easy they connected me with a Washington marijuana doctor after I applied online. Once I took my father to the Washington Marijuana clinic I was sure this was his best shot and was going to help him a lot. The staff was very professional and knowledgeable on all the laws and medicinal uses for cannabis. Well my father now uses medical marijuana and lives a much more comfortable life because of it. This site helped us so much it rocks!

I had been dealing with chronic severe pain in my right knee after a hiking accident caused me to get my knee surgically repaired. I was tired of being sick from pills and all the other side effects from traditional medicine. So I decided to get medical marijuana card in Washington. I was told by a friend who had their card about this great site and that I could apply online to get my cannabis card in Washington. I did just that and was contacted by a medical marijuana clinic shortly after applying for scheduling. I got my doctor recommendation in just under an hour and now use medical marijuana in Washington legally. It has allowed me to deal with the chronic pain and has made me much more mobile letting me get back to my love of hiking. Thanks so much to this site for helping me through the process.

I was born with uncontrollable muscle spasms and in my older age they began to get worse and the medicine I was using was working less and less. I did not want to continue to try harsh chemicals to curb my side effects any more and searched for an alternative route. When a friend suggested medical marijuana I was skeptical. But after lots of research on this site I was willing to give it a try as I really had no other options. I applied for my card online and was scheduled to see a medical marijuana physician in Washington. Once at the medical cannabis doctor in Washington I was greeted by a friendly and professional staff dedicated to helping me with my condition. I now have my wmmp card and use medical marijuana to treat the symptoms of my disease on a regular bases. This site and the clinic staff did everything I could have possibly asked to help me with this process and I’m thank full for that.

How to get an WMMP card in Washington?
The Medical Role of Marijuana In Washington The Medical Laws of Marijuana in Washington, Guidelines for Qualifications, and Identification Card Information

Washington, the capital state of America has come up with a legalized use of marijuana; it is a kind of program that allows a person to make use of marijuana as a prescription medicine from licensed doctors; it also allows a person to apply for a State-issued Medicinal Marijuana ID card; and the permission of people to propagate and/or buy marijuana for medicinal purposes per guideline imposed by the state. The following are essential compilations of index information which will serve as the archive or the library of the users whenever they want to use it for legal intents particularly in the law of Washington in the Medical Marijuana Program.

Who are Qualified?

With Washington’s definitive guidelines, everyone will have the opportunity to determine who are qualified to avail of the Medical Marijuana program. Along with the program, you will also learn about some important things like age restrictions, criminal cases and conviction restrictions, and many, many more.

The Laws of Washington Medical Marijuana

To avoid unnecessary interpretations, you need to spend some time reading the full Medical Marijuana Laws of Washington as this will also allow you to have a fuller understanding regarding the law. It is also advisable that you should print the entire law by making use of the MyDoc program so that your doctor will also have a comprehensive insight of this kind law imposed by the state.

The Washington Medical Marijuana ID Card

Take time to find out the ways on how to obtain an ID card for Washington’s Medical Marijuana Program. There are certain states in the US that require a person to obtain his card prior to obtaining his medicine. Reading this will help you earn the requirements imposed by the state.

Who is Qualified to Avail Washington’s Medical Marijuana Program?

It was on November 3, 1998 when a big part (59%) of the Washington State voters have approved the Measure 692, a law that dictates the eradication of punishment to anyone who makes use of marijuana which is also known as medical cannabis, medical weed, or medical pot. If a patient is well-documented by the doctor attending him and that he is suffering from any debilitating health condition and that the potential benefits obtained from marijuana outweigh the risk, then this person is allowed to possess, use, and grow marijuana. This is going to work effectively whenever medical documents issued by the attending physician are presented.

State of Washington’s Medical Marijuana Act

How to Become an Allowable Medical Marijuana Patient

• A patient should be an official resident of the Washington state and should have an ID as a proof of his residency.

• Should obtain medical documents first; these documents should be obtained from your attending doctor, physician, registered nurse, osteopathic doctor and assistant and any person who is practicing his medical profession in the state of Washington. Make sure that any of these professionals who are involved in your health case sign the documents being presented to the authorities that will allow your qualification.

Diseases and Conditions that can be Treated by Marijuana

• Cancer, AIDS, HIV, epilepsy and other seizure disorders, multiple sclerosis, and spasticity disorders:

• Pain that is intractable

• Glaucoma (chronic or acute)

• Hepatitis C

• Crohn’s Disease

• Other diseases which include anorexia which may result in vomiting, nausea, appetite loss, muscle spasm, cramping that cannot be relieved by any types of standard treatments or medications.

Medical Cannabis Access

Many patients are claiming that they have marijuana prescriptions which are known to have allegedly come from their doctors; however, marijuana prescriptions are actually illegal since federal government has considered marijuana as a Schedule I type of drug. Thus, this is a strong indication that marijuana prescription is illegal and that it can never be given out by any doctors, not be purchased in pharmacy for medical purposes. Instead, a patient will only be given marijuana prescriptions if certain requirements have been presented and approved by the State’s law. As far as the Washington law is concerned, any patient who is allowed to use marijuana for medical purposes can propagate the plant himself or avail of the 60-day possession period. While it is true that trading marijuana isn’t legal, Mayor Mike McGinn of Seattle has signed a new law that imposes the legality and regulation of medical marijuana in the state’s dispensaries and other business places. Take note that your current recommendation will be deemed valid until such time that your doctor says it’s no longer necessary.

Washington State’s Department of Health Contact Info

Mailing Address:

Washington State Department of Health

1112 SE Quince St.

P.O. Box 47890

Olympia, WA 98504-7890

Phone Number:

(800) 525-0127 or (360) 236-4052

How to Obtain Medical Cannabis Card in Washington

*According to Washington’s Department of Health, any patient who is well-documented by his doctor is qualified to have a sixty-day possession of the Medical Cannabis or Marijuana. Below are ways for a patient to qualify:

A. Your doctor should be someone who is already licensed and not only practicing in the state of Washington.

B. Have been told about the benefits and risks of using marijuana medically.

C. Must be a Washington resident from the time of diagnosis.

D. Must have essential identification documents to prove your identity (ID card or driver’s license).

E. Must have a statement that comes from your doctor; or present copies of your medical diagnosis which has been approved by the state’s law.

Looking for a Medical Cannabis Caregiver

The moment you have already examined the relevant Medical Marijuana laws and have determined that you need to make use of marijuana, what you need to find is a medical marijuana caregiver.

Looking for the right one is not a problem because there are actually many of them in both online and offline directories. However, because of the low wages or salaries and the high risks on working with this kind of job, you may find out that many medical marijuana caregivers may not be working in that particular field anymore.

To simplify your search, it will be very helpful to ask your doctor about your need of a medical cannabis/marijuana caregiver. It may also help if ask friends or relatives who have already worked with medical marijuana caregivers; simply ask for the contact information of the caregiver so interview procedures will be scheduled. Here are interview guidelines for medical marijuana caregivers:

• Questions should be asked in a direct manner (Have you ever worked with a patient with (condition) before? Are you currently working with anyone right now?)

• Tell him/her directly about your needs and expectations in a medical marijuana caregiver.

• Try to meet the caregiver in public places instead of inviting him over to your home.

• Use the internet to search for qualified or potential caregivers; some of your search results may prove to be less important but it is always worth searching especially when you want to hire someone.

Medical Cannabis Use in the State of Washington: Best Health Care providers

• Naturopathic Physicians (NP)

• Medical Doctors (MD)

• Osteopathic Physician Assistants (OA)

• Osteopathic Physicians (DOS)

• Physician Assistants (PAs)

• Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioners (ARNPs)

There are cases that health practitioners who are licensed in other states may not prescribe marijuana as the state’s law declares that the health care provider should be anyone who has been licensed by the state of Washington. The state’s Department of Health has no records for health providers who recommend marijuana for medical purposes.

Medical Cannabis Use in the State: The Valid Written Recommendation

Since June 10, 2010, recommendations are ordered to be written on tamper resistant papers. The written statement should be clearly signed by the health officer including the date the recommendation was made, and a statement stressing that the patient will definitely benefit from using marijuana for medical purposes. This law that has been imposed since 2010 has also prohibited the patient’s copy of medical records in place of medical recommendations.

Medical Cannabis Use in the State of Washington: How to Obtain

The state law does not in any way allow any dispensaries and business establishments to buy and sell marijuana. The law does not also allow any qualifying patient or provider to propagate or grow medical cannabis.

• A patient or any designated provider should not exceed 24 ounces of “usable” marijuana in his possession and is only allowed to grow not more than fifteen marijuana plants.

• “Usable” simply means the parts of the plant that are used for the medical procedure: dried flowers and leaves. It should exclude stems, roots, stalks, and seeds.

• Plant simply means any Cannabis plant in different stages of its growth.

• The amounts that were stated simply represent the exact number or amount of marijuana that should be possessed by both the patient and the designated healthcare provider.

• A healthcare provider should be well-designated by the patient in a written form and should be at the legal age of 18.

• A designated healthcare provider should only work with a patient at one point in time.

• The law does not emphasize that any patient may or may not become a designated health provider.

• The law has stressed that the provider is not allowed to take or consume the marijuana intended for the patient.

The Use of Medical Marijuana outside Washington

There are some states in the US that allow a patient to use his recommendation while traveling while some states don’t. Such law specifications should be well-understood and should be followed with strict compliance with the laws that are being imposed by the other states in the US. Certain documents like doctor recommendations, identification cards, and other documents are not honored in the state of Washington.

What is the Process of Obtaining a Marijuana Evaluation?

The moment you have arrived at our office, you will be immediately assisted and asked to fill out some forms – these are medical history forms that you need to submit in case you have not done so. The patient should be able to present any supporting documents like ID, driver’s license, or any proof of their residency in the state. If any of the above-mentioned proofs is not available then they can just present utility bills, bank statements, or lease statements as they are enough to prove a person’s residency. Our staff will immediately take your blood pressure and then you will be escorted to the private room where the physician will conduct your medical checkup or consultation. The consultation process usually lasts for about 10 minutes the most. After you are through with the consultation or interview, you will soon have your recommendation. It’s as simple as that!

What Will I Bring When I Visit?

You are advised to bring along with you your driver’s license or your state identification card as these are quick proofs of your residency in the state of Washington. Patients are highly required to bring along with them prescription drugs and bottles with their names written on them. But there are also some cases that patients are exempted from such requirements especially when these patients have no access or have not intentionally lost their documentations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is medical cannabis legal in the state of Washington?

Possession of cannabis or marijuana is strictly prohibited in the state of Washington. However, the Medical Marijuana (Cannabis) Law, Chapter 69.51A gives protection to patients who are being arrested because of the use of marijuana as part of their treatment procedures. And if a patient or a designated caregiver complies with the medical marijuana law then they are qualified to have a 60-day possession of medical marijuana supply. However, it is always being reminded that the federal law prohibits the use or possession of marijuana and that there are no protection laws given to anyone who is arrested because of illegal possession of marijuana.

Did US President Obama legalize the use of medical marijuana?

The answer to this question is certainly a big NO. As a matter of fact, US Deputy Attorney General James Cole has declared revised and updated guidelines for formal federal prosecutors in Washington that has something to do with the laws of prohibiting medical marijuana. The President has actually directed the federal prosecutors to allow appropriate medical utilization especially when delivering charges for criminals. These guidelines are only for federal prosecutors who are on their ways in reviewing various cases for medical marijuana.

How will I be able to find out whether I am a qualified medical marijuana patient or not?

The best way is to consult your healthcare provider. The medical marijuana law comes with a list of things that can only be supported by the statements of a doctor, a physician assistant, an advanced registered nurse practitioner, and other health professionals. In addition to the health conditions that were passed and approved by the law, chronic renal failure (petitioned in 2010) has been included in the list of these conditions that can be subjected to medical marijuana treatment.

Should I register or get a card from the State office?

Not anymore; if you are a patient who is well-documented by the health officers then you may not need to acquire a card from the state office. The medical document you are currently holding is all you need.

What are the most common types of healthcare providers that can recommend medical marijuana for specific qualifying condition?

• MDs or Medical Doctors

• Pas or Physician Assistants

• DOs or Osteopathic Physicians

• OAs or Osteopathic Physician Assistants

• ARNP or Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioners

• NP or Naturopathic Physicians

If a healthcare provider comes from another state, is he qualified to give marijuana recommendations to me?

No. However, if the healthcare officer or provider has been provided with a license in Washington then he gets the authorization to provide patients with medical marijuana recommendations.

Is it possible to get a list of health providers that are currently enlisted in my area that will recommend cannabis marijuana?

As a matter of fact, the state’s Department of Health doesn’t have this kind of information so far.

What makes up a valid recommendation?

It has been promulgated some time in 2010 that recommendations should be written in tamper-resistant papers. These papers should include the original signatures of the medical officers and healthcare providers who have attended the medical needs of the person who is asking for medical marijuana. The paper should also contain the date when the recommendation has been written; in addition, the healthcare provider should also state in the recommendation that medical marijuana is beneficial to the patient asking for it. This law which has been activated in 2010 also prohibits the use of a patient’s medical copy in lieu or in place of a recommendation.

Does the written recommendation expire?

The written recommendation will only have to expire if the health officer or healthcare provider who has issued it wrote an expiration date on the recommendation letter. If in case you plan to change your health provider then it is advisable to ask for a replacement.

What if my written recommendation has been made before June 10, 2010, is it still considered as valid?

Yes, of course; your recommendation bearing any dates before June 10, 2010 is still valid. But if the healthcare provider placed an expiration date then the expiry date will invalidate the effect of your recommendation.

If my recommendation has been written in a tamper-resistant paper, can it be considered as a prescription?

Definitely not. Healthcare providers do not have the right or authority to prescribe medical cannabis or marijuana. They are only allowed to write recommendations stating that the patient or patients will highly benefit from the medical marijuana prescription.

How to obtain marijuana? Can it be purchased?

The state’s law does not allow buying and selling marijuana; however, there is a law that allows and protects patients and designated healthcare providers to grow marijuana for their legal medical purposes.

Are dispensaries considered legal?

Of course not. The state law does not necessarily allow dispensaries. In fact, the law only allows patients and designated providers to possess marijuana with written recommendations that the patient will benefit from the use of medical marijuana. New laws also allow patients and providers to participate in collective gardening which entails propagation of cannabis or marijuana.

What is the maximum amount of cannabis I can have?

Any qualified patient and designated healthcare provider is allowed to possess cannabis or medical marijuana for a period of 60 days. This simply means that the amount of marijuana should be enough during this period; the possession of marijuana is only allowed an amount of 24 ounces only while propagating or growing marijuana should not exceed 15 marijuana plants only. However, if the limit has been exceeded, this should only provide affirmative defense and not arrest protection to patients or providers who have ruled out the amount implemented by the law.

How to be a designated provider?

One should be at least 18 years old; and a provider should only work with a particular patient at one point of time. On the other hand, Chapter 69.51A limits the role of designated providers.

Is it possible to be a patient and a designated provider at the same time?

Of course, it is!

Why are people with bipolar disorders and anxiety not qualified for medical marijuana?

The Board of Osteopathic Medicine and Surgery and the Medical Assurance Quality Commission are the only ones who can provide a list for qualified conditions. The commission has denied such conditions because of the lack of scientific proof that supports the efficacy of medical marijuana to bipolar and anxiety patients.

What is the way to add a request on the list of various qualifying conditions?

Anyone is entitled to file petitions; the commission will consult the Board of osteopathic Medicine and Surgery. For inquiries, you may contact the commission at:

Medical Quality Assurance Commission PO Box 47866 Olympia WA 98504-7866

Do I have protection if I carry my recommendation when I travel to other states?

Some states allow medical marijuana while others don’t. It is advisable to check other state’s laws before traveling as this will give you the idea of compliance. You also need to prepare valid documentation like ID and drivers license. Certain documents from other states are not also allowed in Washington.

Are there certain rights for a specific person who is dealing with a marijuana patient? For example, if a person allows a patient to rent his house, are there any rights for this person as the tenant? Is medical marijuana allowed in front of other people or children? Won’t the boss fire anyone who is making use of medical marijuana? Where will I get the answers since these are some of the answers which cannot be answered by the Department of Health?

There may be some laws that apply to specific situations and it is highly recommended to seek legal advice if you are not familiar with these laws. Groups such as American Civil Liberties Union and the Commission on Human Rights can actually answer any of your questions.

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